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The Right Roofing Company Can Help You Save on Insurance

Like many people living in Plano, Carrollton, or other parts of North Texas, you know that we typically experience wild weather in the spring (okay, to be honest, the weather is pretty wild all year). You also probably know that this wild weather can translate into roof damage or roof replacement and usually also mean an increase in your homeowner’s insurance the next year. But did you know that a few small choices you make when replacing or repairing your roof can help lower the cost of your homeowner’s insurance?

Why does a roof affect the price of your homeowner’s insurance? Well, a roof that has been properly installed, built with good materials, and is well-maintained roof can reduce the chance you may file a claim. This means houses with good, solid roofs are a lower risk for insurance companies.

Here are five important things to consider when thinking about your roof replacement and how it can affect your insurance.

Pick the right materials. Ideal materials in this region include asphalt shingles or metal roofing, not wood shake shingles. Picking the right materials for the area and the weather it has can help reduce the chance of claims and could lower the price of your homeowner’s insurance. Professional roofing companies know what materials to use and what not to use on your home and make suggestions about materials that can resist all types of Texas weather.

Proper installation. If your roof is not installed correctly, it has a shorter lifespan, is more susceptible to damage, and can leave the rest of your house at risk of damage, too. Extra damage could mean higher insurance claim costs and premium fees. It can also mean that your homeowner’s insurance company could deny your roofing claims because of poor installation.

Keeping up with maintenance. Keeping up with maintenance on your roof helps to increase its strength and lifespan. Some ways to keep your roof in shape include:

  • Keeping your gutters clean
  • Removing leaves
  • Trimming back trees
  • Addressing broken, worn, or damaged shingles
  • Having your roof inspected annually
  • Checking for pests, such as rats, squirrels, birds, and bats

Keep records. Keeping paperwork and photos of roof maintenance and past repairs can help your insurance company see what you have done to take care of your roof. It also makes their job easier processing your claim. Records to keep include receipts and estimates.

Pick the right roofing company. We cannot stress this enough; pick the right roofing company. A professional roofing company knows how to install your roof so that it is solid, stable, and less susceptible to future damage. Contact a professional roofing company now.

The Myths and Misconceptions About Roof Replacement

Just thinking about roof replacement can make many people cringe. This is understandable because replacing your roof can be stressful! It is a major project and significant investment of time and money. It can also be a very confusing process, and there are many myths and misconceptions out there about roof repair. Many of these misconceptions stem simply out of fear and misinformation. Here are five common myths of roof repair:

Roofs Should Last Forever. As much as we wish this were true, it is not true – especially in the extreme weather conditions of North Texas. Scorching sun, high winds, heavy downpours, and golf-ball size hail all impact how long your roof will last. On average, a composite shingle roof lasts about 15 years. Other materials like tile or metal may last longer, but nothing is forever.

I Can Repair/Replace My Roof Myself. Chances are you are not a roofer by trade. This means that repairing or replacing your roof is going to be a long, arduous and expensive endeavor. It may even cost you more if you fail and you must hire a professional roofing company to fix your mistakes.

I Can Skip Replacement and just Need a Repair. Unless you are a professional roofer, you likely are not qualified to make that call. While in some cases repairs are the right thing to do, certain mitigating factors warrant replacement.

A Roof Claim is Bad for My Insurance. Many people are afraid to file a claim for a roof repair or replacement because they think it will cause them to lose their policy. It is not true; insurance company cannot cancel your policy if you file a claim.

I’m Covered Under My Warranty. Warranties are great things to have, but there are limits and terms of many warranties that you may leave you uncovered. Learn the limits of your warrant to understand your options.

What misconceptions do you have about roof replacement? Let a professional roofing company put your mind at ease.