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What Factors Into the Cost of A Roofing Estimate?

Are you considering replacing the roof of your North Dallas home this coming spring? To find the best company and the best price, you should gather estimates from several roofing companies. You may be surprised, however, to see that after doing your due diligence that these estimates are wildly different in price. What gives?

Several factors go into your roof quote such as:

Project scope. Are you repairing your roof or replacing your roof? If you’re merely fixing or replacing just part of your roof, it will naturally cost less than replacing your entire roof. Some factors to take into consideration about repairing your roof: if the underlayment material is damaged or your shingles are not available – you may need to replace your entire roof.

Not only will your roofing project estimate include the costs of repairing or replacing your roof, it will also include the costs associated with tearing out your old roof, too.

Roof size. A professional roofing company will measure the square footage of your roof and divide by 100 to get a number known as a roofing square to know how much roofing materials to order (roofing materials are sold and priced by the square instead of the square foot).

Materials. While we are talking about materials, the type of shingle you choose factors into your final costs, too. Do you want a 3-tab asphalt shingle or an architectural shingle? Are you thinking about a tile roof or metal roof? These are all critical factors that impact the cost of your roof project. Don’t forget that underlayment material costs, insulation, and fasteners also factor into your estimate.

Pitch. Did you know that the pitch of your roof is also a factor in figuring out the cost of your roofing project? The steeper the angle of your roof, the greater planning and safety steps required to complete your repair or replacement safely and correctly.

A very steep roof also requires additional underlayment material to meet fire rating requirements.

Warranty. Many professional roofing companies offer a standard warranty on workmanship. Materials also often come with a basic warranty to cover defects. Some companies also offer an extended warranty for a fee to continue the amount of time you are covered. Learn more about roofing warranties here.