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Four Tips to Pick the Perfect Shingle Color for Your New Roof

Once you’ve selected a professional roofing company, the next step to getting a new roof for your Frisco home is selecting a shingle color. Choosing a new color for your new roof can be exciting, but can also be a little scary because it is such a large and permanent part of your home. To select the right shingle color that you love and can live with, we suggest considering these four factors:

  1. Architectural Style. The style of your home plays a huge part in selecting the right shingle. If your home is a classic style like a ranch or Tudor home, you would likely want to choose a traditional color like various shades of gray, blue, and dark red. If you have a historical home, you would want to select a color that matches the home’s architectural period. More modern homes may look better with brighter colors.
  2. Color Coordination. When choosing the right shingle color for your home, you also want to take into consideration how it complements your masonry, stucco, trim color, shutters, and siding. To preserve the aesthetic look of your property, select colors that look good with these features.
  3. Climate. Climate and weather is a big one for homeowners in Frisco and other parts of North Texas because of our hot summers. Selecting a shingle color that is too dark can increase the temperature in your attic – and increase the cost of cooling your home. Choosing a shingle that is lighter in color can help keep temperatures down in your home.
  4. Your Neighborhood Association. Many homeowners in Frisco and Dallas live in homeowner’s associations, which have rules regarding the color of your shingles. Homeowner’s associations also often require a change request and shingle color sample before they will approve your project. Scott Exteriors frequently works with residents living in HOAs and can help direct you regarding color selection. It is much easier to select a shingle color from an approved color list than it is to replace your new roof if you choose something that does not fit into your HOA’s guidelines.

Are you looking for the perfect shingle color for your roof? Contact Scott Exteriors today.