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The Myths About Metal Roofing

In most Dallas area subdivisions, asphalt shingles are the norm when it comes to roofing materials. There are a few reasons why asphalt shingles are so standard: they’re inexpensive; they have long warranty periods, and many homeowners do not know enough about other available roofing material options, like metal roofing, to make the switch. In this blog, we break down commonly asked questions about metal roofing.

1.    Does metal roofing attract lightning?

No. Although lightning strikes are a valid concern for many Dallas homeowners as the risk of strong thunderstorms and severe weather is high for several months out of each year. Installing metal roofing does not increase the chance that your home will suffer a lightning strike.

Your metal roof can actually help protect your home from damage should your home take a lightning strike during the storm, because it helps to disperse the energy of the strike, resulting in less damage to your property. Also, your metal roof will also not catch fire as a result of a lightning strike.

2.    But isn’t metal roofing noisy?

No, metal roofs are actually quieter than asphalt shingle roofs. The noise factor of metal roofing is reduced because of a special underlayment that used during the installation process. This underlayment helps to reduce the noise of hail, rain, and wind.

3.    Do I have to worry about hail damage?

No. While it is true that a metal roof sustains dents by hail just like an asphalt shingle roof, it takes a large amount of large hail to cause damage to a metal roof. Also, hail cannot penetrate a metal roof like it can an asphalt shingle roof.

4.    I am interested in a metal roof but I am afraid it will make my home look too “commercial.”

Some people shy away from metal roofing because they are afraid it will make their home appear more “commercial” or business-like. Have no fear. Modern metal roofing is available in a wide array of styles and colors that can complement your home, without making it look like a business.

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