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Foundation Problems Can Cause Roof Woes

Did you know that foundation problems can not only cause problems with your home, they can also cause problems with your roof? It’s true. When the foundation of your home shifts, your roof shifts along with it, which leaves you at risk for costly repairs. Foundation problems are not always apparent to the untrained eye, so it is essential for homeowners to learn how to recognize the signs of foundation problems to minimize or prevent problems with your roof.

What causes foundation problems?

Shifting soils are a common culprit of foundation issues for homes in Plano and other North Texas cities. Other contributors to foundation problems include improperly draining gutters or no gutters on the home. The absence of a sprinkler system or failure to water around the home’s foundation can also contribute to foundation issues.

Signs of Foundation Damage:

  1. Damage to walls. Cracked, buckling, or crumbling interior and exterior walls are good indicators that your home has shifted on its foundation. Look for loose concrete or sheetrock, cracked bricks, and gaps in masonry, too.
  2. Problems with doors and windows. Doors and windows that do not open or close properly are a sign that your home has twisted or moved on its foundation.
  3. Funky floors. If you have buckling boards and broken tiles or unexplained moisture on your floors, you could have a foundation issue (and possibly water leak as a result of your foundation problems) brewing beneath your home.
  4. Sagging or warped ceiling. Sagging and warped ceilings are a sign something is happening in your home. A foundation that has shifted can lead to roof leaks that allow water to leak and pool inside your attic and ceiling. If the leaks and pooling water go untreated, you may end up with significant damage or mold.

If you find these signs of foundation damage in your Plano home, you should fire call a professional foundation company for repair and then contact a professional roofing company for a roof assessment. You will need to have your foundation repairs completed before your roof repair can begin. Completing your foundation repair first is critical because repairing your foundation can cause additional movement in your roof and waiting until after the roof replacement could damage your roof all over again.