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Say No to Storm Chasers

Some parts of Carrollton, Plano, and North Texas have seen severe weather with hail already this season. While storms were not too bad, and hail hasn’t been too big just yet, you know that any sign of severe weather brings out another element of spring: storm chaser roofing companies. Find out how to spot (and avoid) storm chasers in this blog.

What is a Storm Chaser Roofing Company?

Storm chasers aren’t necessarily interested in the weather for any other reason as it is an opportunity to make quick money. Storm chaser roofing companies are unscrupulous and often unlicensed individuals the prey upon homeowners with storm damage. They often show up in your neighborhood after severe weather looking to take your money. Many storm chaser roofing companies perform shoddy work, leaving you at risk of additional damage and the costly replacement of having to replace your roof prematurely.

How to Spot a Storm Chaser Roofing Company:

Several signs indicate the roofing company on your doorstep may be less than legitimate. Here are the most notable ones:

No local address or phone number. If the company is from another region or state, avoid them! They are not local and likely do not know the rules of permitting and licensing (if required) for your city or state.

No proof of insurance. Any professional roofing company can provide you evidence of worker’s compensation insurance or liability insurance. Evidence of insurance is important to you as a homeowner because it protects you in case a roof gets hurt on your property or damages a part of your property.

No references. Any roofer (or contractor) that visits your home should be able to provide you with references from satisfied customers. Do your due diligence and call these references to see if they were satisfied with their roofing repair or replacement.

To avoid potentially disastrous and costly complications from using a storm chaser roofing company, use a local, trusted, professional roofing company. Using a licensed professional means you can rest assured that your storm damage will be fixed right the first time.

Learn more about how the pitch of your roof can impact your property by contacting a professional roofing company today.