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What to Do When A Roof Leak Strikes in Your North Dallas Home?

When you think of serious problems that can arise while owning a home in Plano, you may think about things like burst pipes, shifting foundations, or broken appliances. Do you think about roof leaks? Would you know what to do to handle a roof leak if one suddenly developed or came about as a result of storm damage? Find out how you can minimize damage to your home caused by a roof leak with tips in this blog.

First: Call the Professionals

At the first sign of a roof leak, call in a quality, professional roofing company like Scott Exteriors for inspection and repairs. In many situations, your roofing company can get to you quickly, but while you wait for them to arrive, you can take a few steps to mitigate damage to your home.

Second: Protect Your Interior

In many situations, a roof leak will show up as a pool of water in your ceiling as it seeks out the lowest point of your home. If allowed to continue to sag, the pooling water can burst and flood your house. If you notice your ceiling sagging or signs of water pooling, you can minimize damage by moving your belongings from beneath the area. Once you relocate your items to safety, you can poke a small hole in the middle of the bulge and use a bucket to collect the water as it drains.

Third: Find the Source

Sometimes the source of your roof leak may be visible – like you had damage from a recent storm. In other cases, the source of the leak may not be so obvious. If you can spot the damage, you may be able to cover the spot with plywood to keep water out or a tarp from the outside. This kind of repair requires going on to your roof and securing the tarp or plywood. Tarps and plywood are only temporary fixes for a serious problem, and a professional roofing company like Scott Exteriors should be called in to complete repairs.

If you cannot safely cover the damaged exterior or the source of the leak from the outside, you can try to stop the leak from the inside by plugging the area with roofing cement or roofing tape. You can purchase these at many local hardware stores. Again,  this is a very temporary fix for a serious problem and should not be used as a long-term fix.

Fourth: Turn It Over to the Pros

Roof leaks require professional fixes. Scott Exteriors can quickly assess your roof leak situation and provide high-quality workmanship to fix your roof and prevent further damage to your home.