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Tree Fall on Your House? Try Not to Panic

Summer in North Texas does not just mean heat and humidity; it also often means sudden and severe weather. These weather conditions often bring heavy rain, hail, and high winds. These winds plus lightning can often cause trees to come down Рand trees are not picky about where they land.  What should you do if a tree falls on your house during a storm? Here are some tips from a professional roofing company to handle the situation:

  1. Move to a safe place. If a tree falls on your home, the first thing to do is move to a safe place. If you are on a second floor, get to the main level as quickly as possible. Be careful – a falling tree can cause a lot of damage and debris when it hits your home. Take caution as you move to safety.
  2. Assess damage. Once safe, assess damage as best you can from the ground. Do not attempt to get on to your roof to check for damage – your roof just took a significant impact from a tree and may not be able to support your weight. Do not attempt to remove the tree as moving it may cause more damage and collapse your roof further.
  3. Call a professional roofing company. Instead of trying to assess the damage yourself, you should call a professional roofing company. Professional roofers have dealt with this situation many times before and can help secure your roof to protect your home from more damage. Professional roofing companies also have the skill and experience you need to fix your roof after impact.
  4. Contact your insurance company. Call your home insurance company to begin the claims process. Provide any information given to you by your roofing company and their estimate of damages.

Did a tree fall on your house? Call a trusted, professional Dallas-Fort Worth area roofing company today.