What is a Roofing Warranty?

Your roof covers and protects your home, but what covers and protects your roof? Your roofing warranty. Understanding what your roofing warranty covers and how your warranty works can help you if a problem arises.

What is a warranty?

A warranty is a written guarantee that promises repair or replacement of a product or service if necessary within a specific period after purchase.

What is a roofing warranty?

A roofing warranty is a written guarantee that relates to your roof and the repair or replacement of your shingles, underlayment, or other components of your roof should a problem arise within a specified period. Some roofing warranties, like the warranties offered by Scott Exteriors, also cover workmanship for a predetermined time after installation.

How long is the warranty on my shingles and other roofing components?

The length of the warranty on your shingles is determined by the manufacturer, but most shingles are covered for 25 to 50  years. The warranty on your shingles covers defects or premature breakdown in the shingles themselves versus damage caused by the elements, storms, trees, or pests.

The other components of the roof, like the underlayment and vents, are also covered by warranties provided by their manufacturer and like asphalt shingles, their warranties cover defects and not normal wear and tear, storm damage, or pests.

How long is the warranty on the installation workmanship?

The warranty on workmanship varies between roofing companies. The warranty offered by Scott Exteriors is a minimum of five years on most residential roof replacements, and often more for commercial roof replacements. Scott Exteriors also guarantees repairs up to one year after installation.

The workmanship warranty provided by Scott Exteriors is also transferable. Learn more about transferring your roof warranty here.

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