What’s Pitch Got to Do With It?

Do you know the pitch of the roof of your North Dallas home? If you’re like most people, the answer is probably not. Roof pitch is likely not something you spend much time thinking about, but it is something that will impact your life from time to time.

Why Does Roof Pitch Matter?

Your roof’s pitch matters because it is a key factor in what type of roof you can have and what kinds of materials can be used on your roof. Roof pitch goes beyond looks and is a major factor into how your roof will hold up over time. It also contributes to how fast water and debris will move off of your roof. For example, a flat roof has a much lower pitch than a conventional roof and does not move water as readily as a conventional roof. As a result, the materials used on a flat roof will be different than those used on a roof with a conventional slope.

Since roof pitch factors into the types of materials used on your roof, it also factors into the cost of your roof repair or replacement because of walkability and safety factor into estimates. Some roofs have a very steep pitch which requires extra safety precautions and scaffolding during repair.

Roof pitch also comes into consideration when you are building a new addition to your home or adding a covered patio. Roof pitch also can increase the cost of your homeowner’s insurance.

Types of Roof Pitch:

Low or flat slopes. Flat or low slope roofs are easy to build, but cost more than conventional roofs because they require special materials (no asphalt shingles!) and more maintenance.

Conventional slope. Conventional-sloped roofs are found on most homes in Plano, Carrollton, and North Dallas. These roofs are easy to walk on, can be constructed of asphalt shingles, and are easy to add on to for new home additions or shingled patios.

Steep slopes. Steep pitches are gaining in popularity in North Texas as new home builders add in different elevations in their design. Consider the future repair and replacement costs of a steep-sloped roof when building a new home.

Learn more about how the pitch of your roof can impact your property by contacting a professional roofing company today.