Is It Time to Replace Your Siding? Here Are Some Signs

Let’s face it, replacing the siding of your Carrollton home is not the most exciting home improvement project, it is one of those things that you may have to do to keep your house looking great and to prevent significant damage from occurring. But, how do you know when it’s time to make a move?

Seven Signs It Is Time to Replace Your Siding

  1. You Have to Paint Often. Are you having to paint your home’s exterior every few years to keep it looking fresh? If so, this is a sign that something may be going on with your siding. Siding in good repair should keep its color for at least ten years. If your siding is chipping or peeling, it is time for replacement.
  1. You’re Paying A Lot to Heat and Cool Your Home. If your electric bill has spiked considerably, you may want to have your siding looked at by a professional siding replacement company. Your siding and insulation may be failing.
  1. Your Siding is Warped or Cracked. If you are noticing large areas of siding that are visually damaged, warped or showing signs of rot, it is time to replace.
  1. Your Siding Is Loose. One or two loose pieces of siding is not a huge deal, but if you’re experiencing missing pieces regularly, you may have damage below the exterior causing pieces of siding to pull away.

If you don’t replace cracked or loose pieces of siding, water can seep behind the affected area and cause rot of underlayment materials.

  1. You Have Interior Damage. Not all issues with siding occur on the exterior; some siding problems can develop on the inside of your home, too. Look for things such as peeling or bubbling paint and loose wallpaper as an indication that you may have something going on outside. 
  1. You Notice Mold or Mildew. If you’re noticing mold or mildew on your siding or at the seams of your siding, you may have water leaking behind the siding. If you see this, do not hesitate to call a professional siding company for a closer look.
  1. You Have Dry Rot. Do you have dry rot? Not sure? Find out by taking a screwdriver and tapping on your siding with the handle to if any of your siding crumbles away. If it does, you are likely facing a case of dry rot and need to get your siding replaced.

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