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Wild Weather and Your Roof

The roof of your North Dallas home is one of the most critical parts of the structure of your house. Why? It protects you and your belongings from the outside elements like heat, wind, and rain. These elements are often part of the weather forecast in North Texas, so it is that your roof is in good repair. Find out how these elements can impact the health of your roof in this blog.

Heat. As Texans, we know that every year – for most of the year – we can expect high temperatures. But did you know that when the sun is blazing, your roof is at risk of wear and tear? Most people only think of roof damage as things that happen because of hail or wind, but the sun’s rays can also cause damage to your roof by causing roofing materials to swell, stretch, and dry out. These effects leave you at risk for leaks and losing shingles.

Rain. In addition to heat, some years we also get higher than average rainfalls. Rain can also damage your roof because cracks and gaps that develop because of high heat leave you at risk for leaks. Over time (and when we have excessive rain), this water can make its way into your home and cause damage to your roof, attic, ceiling, walls, and even your flooring if severe!

Wind. Did you know that despite Chicago being called “The Windy City,” Dallas is windier? We get a lot of wind in Texas, and at high speeds over prolonged periods, wind can cause damage to your roof by lifting shingles, damaging gutters, eroding roofing components, and causing branches from nearby trees to scrape against your roof – which means more potential for problems.

Hail. If you’ve been in Texas for any period, you probably cringe at the word. Hail can range from tiny pea-size to golf ball to even softball-size as we have seen in recent years. Hail travels at high speeds and hits your roof with a significant impact – leaving you with substantial issues. Hail can even penetrate your roof – leaving with you holes, leaks, and the risk of a roof collapse.

How has the weather impacted your North Texas home? Find out with a roofing inspection from a professional roofing company today.

Is Your Roof Winter Ready? Find out now.

Are you ready for a cold, wet, and snowy winter? More importantly – is your roof ready? The 2018 Old Farmer’s Almanac says that Dallas, Frisco, and the rest of North Texas is in for a cold and snowy winter. The Almanac, which claimis an 80 percent accuracy rate says that DFW will experience lower than usual temperatures between late November and the end of December and will see a lot of snow between December 2017 and February 2018. Although Texas weather forecasts can change pretty quickly, we want to make sure you and your roof are weather ready this winter.

Clean Out Gutters. The gutters of your house are designed to carry away water runoff from rain, sleet, or melting snow away from your roof and your home. For gutters to efficiently move water, they must be in good working order and free from debris like leaves, dirt, or branches that can block water from draining. If debris is blocking your gutters, the water from this winter’s precipitation cannot flow away and can lead to damage and leaks. Get ready for winter by cleaning your gutters out before snow starts falling.

Look for Leaks. Inspect your attic, walls, and ceiling for signs of leaks like sagging, bulging, stains, mold, or mildew. If you find these signs, you likely have roof damage that is letting water travel inside your home. Scott Exteriors is trained in looking for signs of roof damage both inside and outside of your home and can make the repairs necessary to protect your home this winter.

Insulation Improvements. While you’re looking for leaks in your attic, take a minute to examine your insulation. Insulation that is too thin or in disrepair will allow heat to escape your home.

During the winter, your roof provides your family with protection from the elements. Be sure to contact Scott Exteriors for a roof inspection to make sure your roof is winter weather ready.

Four Tips to Pick the Perfect Shingle Color for Your New Roof

Once you’ve selected a professional roofing company, the next step to getting a new roof for your Frisco home is selecting a shingle color. Choosing a new color for your new roof can be exciting, but can also be a little scary because it is such a large and permanent part of your home. To select the right shingle color that you love and can live with, we suggest considering these four factors:

  1. Architectural Style. The style of your home plays a huge part in selecting the right shingle. If your home is a classic style like a ranch or Tudor home, you would likely want to choose a traditional color like various shades of gray, blue, and dark red. If you have a historical home, you would want to select a color that matches the home’s architectural period. More modern homes may look better with brighter colors.
  2. Color Coordination. When choosing the right shingle color for your home, you also want to take into consideration how it complements your masonry, stucco, trim color, shutters, and siding. To preserve the aesthetic look of your property, select colors that look good with these features.
  3. Climate. Climate and weather is a big one for homeowners in Frisco and other parts of North Texas because of our hot summers. Selecting a shingle color that is too dark can increase the temperature in your attic – and increase the cost of cooling your home. Choosing a shingle that is lighter in color can help keep temperatures down in your home.
  4. Your Neighborhood Association. Many homeowners in Frisco and Dallas live in homeowner’s associations, which have rules regarding the color of your shingles. Homeowner’s associations also often require a change request and shingle color sample before they will approve your project. Scott Exteriors frequently works with residents living in HOAs and can help direct you regarding color selection. It is much easier to select a shingle color from an approved color list than it is to replace your new roof if you choose something that does not fit into your HOA’s guidelines.

Are you looking for the perfect shingle color for your roof? Contact Scott Exteriors today.