Don’t Be Scared of Looking for a Professional Roofer

We’re going to talk about something scary; it is October after all. No, we aren’t going to talk about witches, ghosts, or the new Halloween movie. What we are going to talk about usually happens as a result of a dark and stormy night, however. In this blog, we are going to talk about the sometimes scary (but really doesn’t have to be) process of selecting a roofer for your North Dallas home.

In all seriousness, we understand that choosing a roofer can be scary. But, we are here to help you make the process easier with these tips.

Look for Local. When a big storm hits, so do roofing scammers (also known as storm chasers) looking to prey upon nervous homeowners. Protect yourself by hiring local roofers with established roots. Using an out-of-town roofing company may make it harder to do business – and harder to find them if there is an issue down the road.

If an unsolicited roofer shows up on your doorstep, do not allow them onto your roof. Instead, ask that they leave you their information and review them online before you hire them. Make sure they have a local address, tax ID number, web presence and read any reviews of their work. Tip: ask any potential roofer for a list of references and call them for feedback.

Know the Law. Many roofing scam companies try to solicit business by offering deals on deductibles as a way to get you to sign quickly. It is actually illegal for roofers to promise you that they will waive your deductible. If they’re willing to cut corners on the law, where else are they willing to cut corners?

Check for Registration. Currently, in Texas, there is no statewide licensing requirement for roofers. However, in many municipalities, roofers must be registered to work and pull permits. Contact your town or city’s building department for a list of registered roofers.

Check for Insurance. Do not, and we repeat, do not hire a roofing company if they cannot produce general liability and workers’ compensation insurance certificates. Check the certificates for dates of coverage to ensure they are covered through the completion of your project.

Evaluate Estimates. Once you’ve gone through these steps, get estimates from at least three different roofing companies. Allow each company to do an inspection and submit a written proposal. Compare the quotes to pick the best one. Keep all documents related to your roof repair in case you have a future issue or need warranty repair.

Are you looking for a professional roofer? Don’t be scared this October. Call a professional roofing company today.