These Fall Maintenance Tasks Can Save You Money!

Have you stayed on top of your home maintenance tasks all year? If you have, that’s great! If you haven’t, fall is your last chance before the weather turns too cold to get things done. Here are a few ways you can tackle your fall to-do list and save a little money, too!

  1. Seal Cracks. We suggest that you seal cracks around your doors and windows to prevent heat from escaping and the cold of winter from creeping in. Sealing up cracks also prevents and moisture from getting into your walls.
  2. Check Your Roof for Debris. Take a look at your roof. Do you have piles of leaves or other debris? Did you know that these piles can affect how your roof drains and eventually cause water to back up into your home? We suggest hiring a professional roofing company to help remove debris and check your roof.
  3. Clean Out Your Gutters. After you remove debris from your roof, we also suggest that you take the next step of cleaning your gutters out. Removing leaves, branches, and dirt from your gutters allows them to move water away from your roof and drain as intended.
  4. Tune Up Your HVAC. Schedule an appointment with your HVAC company to turn up your heating and cooling system before winter. Also, this is a great time to change your unit’s filter, too.
  5. Check Your Chimney, Too! Who doesn’t like a fire when the weather is cold? Make sure your fireplace is ready to go when you are by making sure it is working correctly. Call a chimney sweep for a quick cleaning, too, before you fire it up for the first time.
  6. Take Time to Check Your Smoke Alarms. Take the time to change the batteries in your smoke alarms (and carbon monoxide detector, also!) and make sure these life-saving devices are in good working order.

Taking care of these seasonal tasks can save you a lot of money in the long run! Call a professional roofing company  to find out how they can help today.