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Do You Have to Use Your Insurance Company’s Roofing Contractor?

Do you need to make an insurance claim for a roof repair or roof replacement for your Carrollton home? If you are starting the claim process, the first thing you will likely do is pick up the phone and call your homeowner’s insurance company. While you’re on the phone with your agent, they may give you the name or names of contractors they recommend for roofing work – but do you have to use them?

The answer is no.

While many insurance companies often give their customers the names of their preferred contractors for plumbing, roofing or even auto body repair. They may also try to pressure you to choose their favored vendors, the truth is you are not mandated to use those companies for your repair work. Instead, you can pick your own professional roofing company to do your repair or replacement project.

If you don’t have a trusted, professional roofing company, the process of finding one may be intimidating. Don’t get overwhelmed and rushed into making a decision. Follow these tips to find a professional roofer you can trust with these guidelines:

Look for warning signs. One of the number one warning signs is an offer to pay your deductible. Waiving deductibles is illegal in Texas. While it may sound tempting, it is a sign of unscrupulous business practice.

Other warning signs to watch out for:

  • Door-to-door roofing sales. Professional and trustworthy roofers do not go door-to-door to solicit business.
  • Asking for money in advance.
  • Out-of-state/out-of-area phone numbers or no local address.
  • No online presence.
  • Not licensed or registered. Although the state of Texas does not require licensing, many municipalities ask roofers to be registered in their city limits. Check your city’s ordinances and requirements for roofers.

Go one step further and do some research on the companies you are looking at by:

  • Calling references.
  • Call your city’s permitting department to check for complaints or prior permitting problems.
  • Search Google Business reviews, Yelp and the Better Business Bureau website for praise or problems.
  • Ask for their insurance certificate and make sure it is valid.

Before you sign on the dotted line:

  • Be sure to review your contract carefully.
  • Ask about your roofing warranty regarding both materials and labor.

Are you in need of a roof repair or replacement? Call a professional roofing company you can trust now.

Is Your Roof Winter Ready? Find out now.

Are you ready for a cold, wet, and snowy winter? More importantly – is your roof ready? The 2018 Old Farmer’s Almanac says that Dallas, Frisco, and the rest of North Texas is in for a cold and snowy winter. The Almanac, which claimis an 80 percent accuracy rate says that DFW will experience lower than usual temperatures between late November and the end of December and will see a lot of snow between December 2017 and February 2018. Although Texas weather forecasts can change pretty quickly, we want to make sure you and your roof are weather ready this winter.

Clean Out Gutters. The gutters of your house are designed to carry away water runoff from rain, sleet, or melting snow away from your roof and your home. For gutters to efficiently move water, they must be in good working order and free from debris like leaves, dirt, or branches that can block water from draining. If debris is blocking your gutters, the water from this winter’s precipitation cannot flow away and can lead to damage and leaks. Get ready for winter by cleaning your gutters out before snow starts falling.

Look for Leaks. Inspect your attic, walls, and ceiling for signs of leaks like sagging, bulging, stains, mold, or mildew. If you find these signs, you likely have roof damage that is letting water travel inside your home. Scott Exteriors is trained in looking for signs of roof damage both inside and outside of your home and can make the repairs necessary to protect your home this winter.

Insulation Improvements. While you’re looking for leaks in your attic, take a minute to examine your insulation. Insulation that is too thin or in disrepair will allow heat to escape your home.

During the winter, your roof provides your family with protection from the elements. Be sure to contact Scott Exteriors for a roof inspection to make sure your roof is winter weather ready.

Five Questions to Ask Your Roofer – Before You Hire Them

Hiring the right roofer to replace the roof on your Plano home means a high level of customer satisfaction and a job well done. Hiring the wrong roofer to replace your roof, and you may end up with loose shingles, leaks, and no recourse.

Here are five questions to ask when researching roofers:

1. Are you local?

As a resident of Plano or North Texas, you know that when big storms hit, the number of roofers in the DFW area grows exponentially. Many of these roofers come from other states looking for repair work. They also quickly leave when the well of work runs dry. Using an out of area roofing company means that you are going to be out of luck if you have to track them down regarding a problem or repair. Tip: Select a roofer you can trust with an established local office you can visit, versus someone who works out of their truck.

2. Are you licensed?

Only 21 states require roofing contractors to be licensed, and Texas is not one of them. Obtaining a roofing license in Texas is voluntary, but many municipalities require roofers to become licensed to work in their particular city. Scott Exteriors has gone the extra mile to become licensed in Plano, Dallas, and many other North Texas cities that require licensing for roofers. Tip: Check with your city’s Code Enforcement department for their roofing company licensing requirements.

3. Do you have insurance?

Many people assume that the company they hire to replace or repair their roof is insured, only to find out they are not actually insured after a problem arises. Using a roofer that is insured protects your property from costly damage that may occur during your roofing project. Tip: Ask potential roofing providers for their insurance certificate and call the insurer to verify coverage.

4. Do you provide a roofing warranty?

Warranties provide you with coverage for repairs or replacement if there is a defect in materials or installation. Many shingle manufacturers offer warranties to cover their product, and many professional roofing companies provide warranties on their workmanship. Scott Exteriors provides a minimum of a five-year warranty on residential roofing projects and longer terms for commercial roofing projects. Tip: Ask for the roofing company’s warranty and read it for the details regarding replacements, fees, and transferability.

5. Do you provide references?

A professional, established roofing company should have a list of references ready to had potential clients. If the company you are researching does not have an available list of references, it’s a sign to steer clear. Tip: You should not only ask for references, but you should also contact those references to make sure they are legitimate.

Looking for a professional, insured, and local roof? Look no further. Contact Scott Exteriors today for all of your roofing needs.