Falling Leaves Can Leave Your Roof Damaged

It may not feel like it, but it’s practically fall. September is here, Starbucks is selling their pumpkin spice lattes, and it’s just a few weeks to Halloween. So, while we are thinking about fall, we naturally want to take a moment and talk about the fall and roof maintenance. Particularly, how to falling leaves can affect the roof of your Plano, Texas, home.

How Leaves Can Damage a Roof

At first glance, fallen leaves on your roof may not seem like a danger, but because these leaves are often wet, they can be a problem. This is because the leaves collect even more water and pile up. Then they begin to rot and collect even more water, which can lead to extra weight on your and also mean leaks and costly damage for you.

How to Stop Leaves from Damaging Your Roof

To prevent damage caused by leaves on your roof you can take a few steps:

First, keep trees growing near your house trimmed regularly. Cut back overhanging branches that would likely be dropping leaves later this year. This action also allows for more sun on your roof, which can dry out some leaf piles that may occur.

Second, inspect your roof regularly. If you can see the leaves on your roof from the ground, it is time to schedule a professional roofer to remove them and check your roof to see if you have sustained any damage from the piles. You do not have to climb up there.

Third, clean out your gutters, too. Cleaning out your gutters allows them to drain water away from the eaves of your home and reduce the risk of a leak developing. Clean your gutters seasonally to remove leaves, branches, and dirt.

Do you need a roof inspection to check for damage caused by leaves or are you thinking about replacing your roof this fall? Call a professional roofing company today.