How to Find A Roof Leak

The heavy rains experienced across North Texas the last few weeks raised lakes, wreaked havoc on the roads and caused many a roof leak across the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Experiencing a roof leak can be scary, and finding the source of the roof leak can be frustrating. This is because in many cases, the leak shows up in a different place than where it began. A professional roofer can help find the source of your leak and repair your roof, but in the meantime, there are some signs you can look for to find out if you have a leak and need a professional roofer.

How to Find a Roof Leak

Leaks can be hard to find, even when it is raining. Here are some tips to help you identify where you leak begins:

Use a flashlight. Using a flashlight while you search can help you find stains and watermarks on your ceiling. Look for any sign of discoloration or water damage. Search your attic if you are able for signs of a leak such as water stains on wood or drywall and wet wood, drywall and insulation.

Start at the leak, but work backward. In many cases, a water leak rarely occurs at the exact spot that you see water damage or active water coming in. This is because water moves to the lowest point and can travel across ceilings and down walls to get to the ground. A leak in your downstairs living room may originate in the roof on the other side of your house on the second floor.

Consider less obvious signs. When you think of a roof leak, you naturally probably think about water dripping through your ceiling, but did you know a roof leak can cause water to come through your walls and floor, too? If you notice lifted tiles, floorboards or wet carpet on your floor or bubbling paint on your walls, water coming through your light switches or outlets, you need to call a professional roofer for a thorough roof inspection.

If you find the signs of a roof leak, we suggest that you call a professional roofing company right away instead of getting on your roof yourself to take a look – especially in severe weather.